Bscscan BscScan allows you to explore and search the Binance blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other activities taking place on Binance ...



BscScan is a block explorer specific to the Binance Smart Chain (now known as BNB Chain) for searching transactions on the blockchain. So, block explorer lets you track transactions, verify smart contracts, find wallet addresses, and do many other things. This platform was created by the same team behind Etherscan. Therefore, BscScan has a similar appearance to EtherScan, the first blockchain explorer for Ethereum.

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The menu to search for transactions is located right at the top of the BscScan website page. As seen in the image above, you can use filters to search for the transaction or address. Furthermore, user addresses belonging to certain applications or platforms usually have a name tag to make them public and visible to everyone.


Searching transactions

Searching transactions: BscScan makes searching transactions and crypto addresses easy.


Beginner-friendly interface

BscScan has a simple and clear interface where access to its various features is easy to find. This platform is friendly for beginners in using block explorer to find transactions.


On-chain information

The BscScan platform provides a variety of on-chain information that can be accessed freely. You can find user activity data, transaction data, and also the largest BNB asset holder.

How to Use BSCscan?

You will learn how to use BscScan including taking advantage of basic features such as how to find transactions, token addresses, validator leaderboards, and more. The BscScan homepage menu itself is divided into 4 major categories: Home, Blockchain, Validators, Tokens, Resources, and More.


Validators on the BNB Chain have the same role as miners, namely processing and validating all transactions. In this menu you can see information about validators


This menu gives you detailed access to tokens on the BNB Chain such as BEP-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155.


This contains various statistics and data charts, perfect for those of you who are researching the BNB Chain.

BsScan and NFT


Like Ethereum, the BNB Chain network has the ability to host NFT collections. There are hundreds of NFT collections on the BNB Chain network. Additionally, you can search for NFTs on BscScan just like you would search for regular transactions. BscScan will display the ownership history, project name, and token ID of each NFT. However, BscScan cannot display the image of said NFT.

In addition, the BscScan Platform keeps a list of all NFT projects on the BSC under the “tokens” menu. In this section, you can find a ranking of NFT projects as well as the latest NFT transactions.

How to Verify Token on BscScan

The token verification feature via smart contract code is useful if you want to know whether an application or crypto project is verified or not. This token verification matches the source code of a smart contract with the code running on the blockchain. This feature gives you the ability to independently check/audit certain crypto projects. So, it is part of an effort to create good blockchain transparency.